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It is the place to find the best event products for every taste and occasion.
We thoroughly check the quality of our products, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product.

We at TENTWALAS believe in high grade and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices.


Our Story

By years of expenditure & dedication in the wedding industry, we conscious of, that, material used in an event had a very large impact on the environment, thus, we brain stormed and disclosed this brilliant platform “TENTWALAS” , where people as vendors can sell, buy & share products for a better and sustainable future events.

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Meet Our Leaders

Shree Rajkumar Taluka

CEO Founder

Shree Rajkumar Taluka is the founder of Tentwalas.

Working in the tent industry for over 40 years, he has built the brand name of TALUKA to what it is today.

His journey finds humble origins, with setting up a tents shop in Old Jaipur. After giving years of hard work, he expanded the business by opening up several production house in Jaipur.

Owing to his strict adherence to delivering the best quality in his services, he is highly appreciated and acknowledged among his peers.

Mrs. Swati Taluka

CEO Founder

Mrs. Swati Taluka is the Co-Founder of Tentwalas and daughter-in-law of Mr. Rajkumar Taluka.

She officially became involved in the Talukas business in 2017 and has since worked with immense dedication in managing & up-bringing the Tentwalas.

Her style of working is an epitome of perfection and delivering the best in-class. She is an enthsiastic person and jovial in her approach.

Meet Us at:

Address: A-39 Vishwamitra Marg, Shyam Nagar,Opposite Manu Hospital,Jaipur, 302019, Rajasthan,India

Contact: 91-8003777999

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